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Word Clock!

Just a quick update, we have released our first Chrome Web App! If you use Google Chrome, give the Word Clock a try! The direct link below.

Chrome Web Store: Word Clock

For those of you not using Google Chrome, you can see it in action at the link below. Internet Explorer users will not get to see the cool glow and smooth animations that Firefox, Safari, and Chrome users get to see because IE8 does not support CSS3 opacity (supposedly IE9 will support it). Instead, IE users currently will see a half-ass animated bar at the top of the page (which I put there to prove that it’s “working”). The clock still changes at the right time, but it won’t look as cool in IE.

Word Clock in action!

Keep an eye out because this will be coming to Android as well!

Learn how to code!

LifeHacker recently did a series on the basics of programming. In their articles, they are using JavaScript which is very easy to use and you don’t need to download any SDK or compiler. Just open up your favorite text editor and do your code, then save and view the results in your favorite web browser. Here are the links in case you missed it:

Part 1: Variables and Datatypes
Part 2: Working with Variables
Part 3: Arrays and Logic Statements
Part 4: Understanding Functions and Making a Guessing Game
Part 5: Learn to Code Epilogue: Best Practices and Additional Resources