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Remove the IT worker’s perks and watch the modern world collapse

First of all, I’m surprised that there are IT professionals that work hourly. I sort of worked hourly in the IT field, but that was while I was still in college. This bill doesn’t quite affect me as I’m now salaried, but it’s amazing that they’re even considering removing hourly worker’s overtime. What are they thinking? A person who works with computers all day isn’t doing a hard enough job as someone else? It’s certainly more challenging and complex than submitting nonsensical bills such as declaring pizza as a vegetable and censoring the internet! I can imagine the disgruntled IT professional who isn’t being paid overtime who will just wait until Monday to fix the mail server and upsetting all the executives.

Prince William: Put a ring on it!

At phamous-apps, we’re shameless fans of the royal wedding, and in lieu of this, we’re giving you another precious gem for your application arsenal. We present to you…

Prince William: Put a ring on it!

A simple mini-game where you can put a ring on Prince Williams finger. Description from the marketplace

The Royal Wedding is soon, and Prince William is refusing to wear his ring. Kate Middleton seems ok with it, but we all know that shes not!
In this minigame, “Put a Ring On it!” you need to put as many rings on the Prince’s hand as possible! Rack up a high score, let him know that you want that ring on there!

There seem to be some problems if you have a ridiculously large screen where the hand moves too fast, but just think of it as “expert mode” and you’ll be fine, until we can fix it anyways 😉

Word Clock gets its own page

Minor update, I’ve created a page for Word Clock. I’ve also turned Word Clock into a Chrome extension (which has a nice icon in the toolbar and a pop-up instead of a full-screen tab). Check it out at the new Word Clock page!

Word Clock

Be Kind, Please Find

Be Kind, Please Find is the first graphical program that Kevin and I worked on together. It paved the way to making more visually impressive software and eventually Android development. In the spring of 2008, we took a game development class after finishing our basic C++ programming classes in college. We did not think much of it at the time as we thought as the class was just going to be an easy way to get a minor and bump up our GPA, but that semester was the first step towards our future. The project taught us how to manage resources and tasks to ensure that important things got done. It also taught us the importance of creating a good demo and presentation as that is what hooks people in. Our college senior project mirrors the philosophy and spirit of this project which set the bar for future students. It is our honor and privilege to present Be Kind, Please Find to the world.

Be Kind, Please Find

Golden AP Gets to shine a little brighter today as well…

We don’t get too many downloads on Mobile AP Gold, and thats ok! The whole reason we made Mobile AP Shortcut to begin with is because we wanted everyone to have 1 button access to turn on Mobile AP! But, our select few gold members, we do love you, so Golden AP has been updated with slight differences from Mobile AP, to make sure you feel the distinction.

The largest distinction is we left the shortcut itself as an app, and slightly changed its icon to reflect its functionality. The widget in Golden AP is a 1×1 instead of a 2×1, and its only function is for one button enabling / disabling your mobile hotspot. This way if you don’t want the settings shortcut tacked on, you don’t have to. And of course, there is no 5 second ad delay (we’re bastards, we know).

Check out the screenshots and the table below, choose for yourself!

Whats the big difference anyways?! Golden AP Mobile AP
Access to Mobile AP Settings on all compatible phones: Yes Yes
Access to 1 touch enable on all compatible phones: Yes Yes
Sweet Gold Icon Yes No
Has ads No Yes
Widget Size 1×1 2×1
Has Shitty Graphics Yes Yes
Buys us 1 cup of ramen: Yes If you click the ad 69 times

You can buy Golden AP here for only $.99 USD.

-Kevin Grant

Android Apps: Golden / Mobile AP Shortcut 3.0 is here!

We are proud to announce Golden and Mobile AP Shortcut 3.0! We skipped 2.0 because we felt like it! After hours of laboring, we have figured out how to turn this handy dandy application from a helpful shortcut to an AMAZING WIDGET! Check out the screens below, and head to marketplace for Golden AP Shortcut for the paid version or Mobile AP Shortcut for the ad version.

-Kevin Grant

Texas dialR update

We’ve added three new stickers to Texas dialR!

See the new stickers on the dialR Facebook Page and get the update in the marketplace.