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Get off my lawn!

It’s funny how modern icons use symbols of things that were ubiquitous years ago. This article showcases a nice list of icons and their archetype.

The Floppy Disk means Save, and 14 other old people Icons that don’t make sense anymore

I can say I’ve used every analogue in the list except for the car radio and the old-school microphone. And yes, my TV does have rabbit ears. And it’s not a huge honkin’ CRT with wood paneling either. I’m pretty sure most of the designers grew up using the depicted items as well. It’s just lost on people born after 1993.

I hate this penguin movie

This isn’t the “March of the Penguins”! If I had to watch this on a long-haul flight, I’d lock myself in the lavatory and cry.


Source: There I Fixed It

Do people in other countries program in English?

I was browsing Stack Overflow’s programming section and came across an interesting topic asking if programmers in other countries code in English. This answer from a Canadian is hilarious:

I’m from Canada, but live in the States now.

It took me a while to get used to writing boolean variables with an “Is” prefix, instead of the “Eh” suffix that Canadians use when programming.

For example:



I should name my boolean variables that way from now on.

Learn from my fail: check your pointers

I spent quite some time tracking down an issue I was having with my C++ project. Here is a snippet of the code:

class foo
    bool* myArray;

        myArray = new bool[5];

        for(int i=0; i<5; i++)
            myArray = false;

    void init()
        myArray[0] = true;

Every time I ran it, it would throw a memory access violation. I was very puzzled by this since it was just a standard boolean array holding true or false. It wasn’t anything very advanced. I used the Visual Studio debugger to poke around. It goes through the constructor fine and then when it goes into the init() function myArray would become a null pointer. The debugger would report that myArray has a memory address of 0x00000000.

I was very confused because how could the pointer be initialized properly in the constructor, but not be initialized when I step into another function in the same object? I chased it all afternoon and decided to give up and walk away. The next morning, I looked at the code again. Then it hit me: the problem and solution was staring at me in the face.

In the for loop in the constructor I have this code:

myArray = false;

I had forgotten to put in the array subscript! If myArray was a true null pointer, it would have just said it was uninitialized or “nullptr” with a stop icon instead of a zero memory location. What was happening was that the pointer was being set to false, which is zero. That is why the debugger showed that the memory location was 0x00000000. So when I access the pointer to assign a value, I am accessing memory that is already reserved or in-use so it throws a memory access violation. The code is “valid” which is why it doesn’t show any errors during compilation, but it doesn’t produce the desired results at runtime.

With the correct code:

myArray[i] = false;

Everything works fine and I was able to continue my project! After working with C# for a while, it’s an eye opener how much the .Net garbage collector and managed heap does for the programmer.

Remove the IT worker’s perks and watch the modern world collapse

First of all, I’m surprised that there are IT professionals that work hourly. I sort of worked hourly in the IT field, but that was while I was still in college. This bill doesn’t quite affect me as I’m now salaried, but it’s amazing that they’re even considering removing hourly worker’s overtime. What are they thinking? A person who works with computers all day isn’t doing a hard enough job as someone else? It’s certainly more challenging and complex than submitting nonsensical bills such as declaring pizza as a vegetable and censoring the internet! I can imagine the disgruntled IT professional who isn’t being paid overtime who will just wait until Monday to fix the mail server and upsetting all the executives.

Pizza box chassis

Pizza box chassis

Pizza box chassis

The top is a screenshot of a document from work outlining different chassis sizes and their byte value to set for programming. I thought it was a joke because engineers have the weirdest joke. The bottom is a picture of an actual pizza box computer. And it’s running Linux. *shudders* I’m not surprised though. Needs moar bell peppers.

If Linux was a car

Really? But your car still runs with Windows

Linux enthusiasts are scary

Shameless cross-post from my car blog:


If Linux was a car, you’d have to build it from scratch just to go to the store to buy some milk. You’d start by compiling an engine and put it on a chassis. That’s fine and dandy and it’ll get you where you need to guy, but it sure is a pain in the ass to turn with a socket wrench on the rack and pinion. So let’s put in a steering column and steering wheel.

It’s not very comfortable so let’s add some seats. Now you realize there are different flavors of seats. Bench, bucket, velour, cloth, leather, etc. Bench sounds nice which is great for cuddling with a significant other! Oh wait, you use Linux. Scratch that, let’s go with buckets for the sportier feel.

Great, but it’s not that great looking. It needs a body. Those damn Apple cars look so sleek and sexy with their glossy exterior, but we all know you can’t modify them. Fk the sheeple and their pretty cars. Those Windows cars actually look pretty good now unlike a few years ago when the Fisher Price Cozy Coup called them out on plagiarism. What can I do with the Linux car? Well, there’s not much to choose from out of the box. Fkr looks cartoony. Meh, fk it, let’s roll.

It drives just as well as the Apple car because they’re almost identical under the hood. You’re feeling pretty smug because you built your own car for free. Well, let’s keep adding mods. You want lib-vtec-honda, but it won’t work in your car. You hack it to work instead. You’re somewhat successful, but you needed another obscure library to get it to work: lib-jdm-bolts. Ok, it works fine, but not perfect.

Oh no, the radio stopped working! Ok, don’t panic, just use another antenna. Crap, it’s not compatible with Linux and you just paid out the butt for it. To the Googles! So many people have the same issue, but with different hardware. WTF?! Grrrr! Ok, this guy says to download ndis-radio-wifi-2.6.1 and compile it for my specific car. Ok. Fk! I need another obscure library: lib-am-fm-cassette. Don’t I already have that?! Jebus H. Chrysler this is retarded.

Wheee, got the radio working. Let’s roll. Going to Taco Bell for some chalupas and Baja Blast. Oh muffin fudger, it doesn’t have a fkn cupholder. Google it. Cupholders aren’t available to Linux due to it being proprietary technology developed by Adobe?! GD it to hell! You end up burning the car and buying a Windows car.