Want to learn C#?

I’ve been wanting to learn C# for a while so I finally started learning it a few weeks ago. I lightly touched C# back in the fall of 2009. We had a quick crash course trying to get a XNA game working thinking that was the best way to make a game in two weeks. That was a very terrible learning situation and I haven’t thought much about C# since then. Once I decided to take a shot at it again, I was definitely a lot wiser than I was 1.5 years ago. Now that I’ve got some good C++ programming, MFC UI development, and Visual Studio usage skills down, jumping into C# was not as hard as it was when I first came across it. Actually, working with C# in Visual Studio is so much easier than C++ and MFC that I feel like I’ve been converted to a new religion. Seriously, how did I live without this all my programming life?! String conversions, getting file paths/names/extensions, and capturing events are just one call away instead of some hackjob conversion and string parsing! C++ and MFC is like driving a Volvo 240: solid, reliable, and old, but hard to work on and possibly relies on hackjob repairs to make things work. C# with .NET is like a brand new Volvo S60: new, easy to use (from the driver’s seat), and safe with all the electro-nannies, but it’s a lot more complicated under the hood, but you’re not likely to go that deep anyways. I followed the tutorial at Home and Learn and got a nice primer on C#. The tutorials are very easy to read and understand so I recommend checking it out if you’re a beginner. It’s nice that Microsoft offers Visual Studio Express for free to play around with also. Get Visual Studio Express and start making some programs!

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