Stop compiling, Mister Falcon!

Rage face!

Muffin fudger!

When I’m working in Visual Studio I have stored in my muscle memory a swift stroke of F7. F7 is the key that saves all files and compiles/builds my program without running it. I do this to check for compilation errors in the program (yes I’m a terrible programmer, STFU). Normally it doesn’t take too long, but I’ve only been working with small to medium sized projects. Recently I have been working on a much larger project and compilation on this program takes DAYS!! Ok, not really days, but more like two minutes, which takes days in computer time. I would hit F7 out of habit and then rage because it required a special compilation step instead of the automatic way to compile. This pissed me off to no end. I summoned the almighty Google and discovered that CTRL+Pause(Break) will stop compiling in Visual Studio. It’s so simple, a caveman could do it! That’s one less rage face I’ll be making during my days.

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