Writing and getting variables from Windows registry

MFC makes it easy to use the Windows Registry to store your application’s settings and variables. This allows your application to retain last used options, recent files, preferences, colors, fields, whatever. I’m assuming that you can use Visual Studio’s new project wizard to make a new MFC application/project.

I am using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 on Windows Vista 32-bit as of the writing of this article.

In the main cpp file that is generated, find the InitInstance() function. In this function, there should be a function call to SetRegistryKey. This function takes in a LPCTSTR (which is a long pointer to string) and you can just give it any string (Microsoft recommends using the company name here). I would use it like this:

SetRegistryKey(_T("My Fookin Company"));

The “_T()” part is just a macro that converts the string to a LPCTSTR. This line is all you need to set your program to use the registry. If it isn’t in InitInstance(), then just add it.

To save information to the registry, you would use the following code:

// get the current application object
CWinApp* pApp = AfxGetApp();

// This is the string I want to save
CString engrName = "Alex";
int age = 24;

// "ArbitrarySectionName" is the collection of information to store (if you have multiple sections in your application such as "userProfile" and "userSettings" then you would use those different names)
// _T("engrName") is a variable in the registry. you create this here so you can name it "foobar" for all it cares
// just remember what you named it so you can get it later
// engrName (the last parameter) is what you're saving (in this case, it is the string "Alex")
pApp->WriteProfileString(_T("ArbitrarySectionName"), _T("engrName"), engrName );

// let's just save an integer for the hell of it
pApp->WriteProfileInt(_T("ArbitrarySectionName"), _T("engrAge"), age);

// not using pointer anymore
pApp = NULL;

To get information from the registry, you would have needed to save information there in the first place. If there is nothing there, you would get blank information. To get the information from the registry you would use the following code to get it:

// get the current application object
CWinApp* pApp = AfxGetApp();

// get string from registry and assign to a string
// GetProfileString returns a CString object
// GetProfileInt returns an integer
// "ArbitrarySectionName" is where the collection of information is stored (you set this on save)
// "engrName" and "engrAge" are the variables in the section "ArbitrarySectionName" where you saved single pieces of data
CString strVar = pApp->GetProfileString(_T("ArbitrarySectionName"), _T("engrName") ) );
int intVar = pApp->GetProfileInt(_T("ArbitrarySectionName"), _T("engrAge") ) );

// not using pointer anymore
pApp = NULL;

You can use both pieces of code anywhere in your MFC classes. Just note there are only functions for integers and strings. None for decimal numbers, unfortunately. For more information, here are some links to MSDN:

Article that I used to figure out how to use the registry

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